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Reasons to Use NACM’s National Trade Credit Report

The 2011 Credit Congress in Nashville was notable for many reasons, the greatest of which might’ve been the official launch of NACM’s National Trade Credit Report
(NTCR). A national service offered by a growing list of dozens of offices throughout the United States, the NTCR has quickly become a remarkably useful tool for
companies curious about their potential customers’ creditworthiness. There are endless reasons to use it, but here are some to get you started.

Accuracy: The NACM NTCR is offered by more than 40 offices around the country and provides users access to accounts receivable information submitted by more than
10,000 businesses and 1,000 industry trade credit groups nationwide. This adds up to around seven million current lines of trade data on the NTCR database. Having such
a deep well of information to draw from means the NTCR provides a complete picture, and one that’s about as accurate as anything on the market today.

Relevance: All of this trade data is uploaded by those 10,000 businesses—big and small—on a daily basis. That means the information included in the NTCR is timely and
ready to use right now. The data submitted is also especially applicable to the function of credit and risk management, accounting for items like days beyond terms and
account aging, which speak directly to a company’s ability to meet its debts.

Predictability: Credit management is, by its very nature, a forward-looking profession. These professionals look at a company and make a determination as to whether or
not a future event, such as payment or default, will or will not occur. The NTCR relies on business data submitted by these individuals, and the scoring model it uses
is designed to predict late payments and severe delinquency looking forward six months.

Service: Each and every NTCR includes information on the NACM office distributing the report, meaning the user is fully aware of who and where to call should they have
a question. These offices provide the NTCR because they’re proud of it, and the report comes with exceptional customer service driven by knowledgeable professionals
who are eager to help.

Independence: Not all customers are trying to game their sellers into extending them credit that they can’t afford, but there’s no reason to risk that possibility when
the NTCR removes bias from the equation. A choice between references and information provided by the customer, and impartial, factual information provided in the NTCR
isn’t any choice at all.

For a business credit report, the NTCR is absolutely the right choice.