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In addition to being the premier provider of check guarantee services and other leading payment processing solutions, UTA also brings added value and savings to NACM members who wish to reduce their credit card processing fees. Whether your concern is interchange management, PCI Compliance, fraud or another critical payments topic, UTA and Fifth Third Processing Solutions "Vantif" will work with you to examine ways they can help you minimize your risk and processing expenses and maximize your customer experience.

  • Discounted Processing Fees
  • No Reprogramming Fees
  • No Application Fees
  • No Monthly Account Fees
  • Interchange Management and PCI Compliance Support
  • Support for Commercial Card/Purchasing Card Level II and Level III Data Processing
  • Online Back Office Reporting
  • Dedicated Technical Help Desk and Customer Support for NACM members

If your company already accepts payments by credit card, take the UTA/Fifth Third Processing Solutions challenge: allow our analyst to compare your current processing costs against our pricing package. We think you'll agree that our pricing just can't be beat. If your company does not currently accept payments by credit card, UTA and Fifth Third Processing Solutions can provide you with an extremely cost effective program that's easy to implement.