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ABI Journal Article Proposes "Structured" Dismissal for Chapter 11 Debtors

ABI Poll: Don’t Prohibit "Liquidating Chapter 11 Plans"

ABI Poll Finds Trustees Not Necessary in All Chapter 11 Cases

Adelphia Settlement on Attorneys' Fees Sets "Troubling Precedent," According to ABI Journal

Administration Cites Growth in Export-Supported Jobs on Two-Year NEI Anniversary

Aggressive Enforcement the New Norm for Unclaimed Property

Accurate CMI reading shows worth of credit department.pdf

Amendment Agreement Paves Way for Ex-Im Reauthorization

Another Day of Weak Statistics Rounds Out Tough Week for U.S. Economy

Another ‘Green’ Business Falls Too Far Into the Red

Another Solar Energy Company Files For Chapter 11

April CMI Shows Slight Decline

Are Surprise Japanese Trade Numbers Show of Resilience, or Delaying the Inevitable

Are you contributing your A/R trade experience information?

Are Your Receivables Perfoming? 10 Tips for Successful Collection Calls

Argentina Suspended from American Trade Preferences

Asian Economies, Despite Trade Prowess, Not Immune to the Downturn

Avoiding Disaster During Change More Success with Less Stress

Bank Activity on the Rise

Bankruptcies, Especially Business Cases, Down in First Half of 2011

Bankruptcy Roundup: WaMu, Elpida

Basel III Could Cause Bank Exodus from International Trade

Bernanke’s Awaited Speech More About the Known than the Future

Bernanke Holding Line on Low Rates

Best-in-Class Service from NACM's Mechanic's Lien and Bond Services (MLBS)

Biggest Manufacturing Bankruptcy in Japanese History a Reason for Greater Concern?

Bloom Off the Emerging Market Rose?

Brazil Growth Improves, Central Bank Seeks to Cool Inflation

Breaking: Fed Extends Predicted Period of Historically Low Rates

BRICS Holding Steady on Ratings, But Maybe Not Agency Status Quo

Businesses Facing Unclaimed Property Enforcement Pressure, Internally and Externally

California Blueprint for Delaying Muni Bankruptcy Working?

Call it Outsourcing or Call it Offshoring, Shared Services Centers En Vogue among EU-based Companies

Chapter 9 Update: …No Fury Like a (Mayor and Governor) Scorned

Can India Drive, Even Save, the Solar Products Industry?

China Moves on Lending and India's Export Ban; Staking Claim to BRICs Throne

China Turns to Services As Engineered Slowdown Weighs on Manufacturing

China's Engineered Economic Slowdown Could Drag on Global Recovery

Chinese Exports at 2-Year Low; Harbinger of Problems to Come?

Chinese Growth Slows to 8.3%; Problematic or Not?

Chinese Import Numbers Provide Mild Relief to Confidence After Hard Six-Day Stretch

Credit Bidding Gets Day in High Court in April

CMI Credit Managers Index January 2012.pdf

CMI Credit Managers Index Questions.pdf

CMI Numbers Continue to Slip, but There Are Silver Linings

CMI Preview: Gains Continue in February

CMI Preview: March Credit Managers’ Index to Trend Positive

CMI Sneak Peak: Conditions Improve to Spring Levels, Possibly on Easing Political Rhetoric/Brinksmanship

Colombia FTA Enters into Force

Commentary: Japan is in Worse Shape than Europe—So Why isn’t it Suffering as Much?

Commerce Department Lowers Boom on Chinese Solar Producers with Tariff…in Perhaps the Softest Manner Possible

Commercial Bankruptcy Filings Fall 19% in First Quarter

Commercial Filings Plummet in Latest Bankruptcy Numbers

Commercial Bankruptcy Filings Stay Low in May

Committee Calls for Swift Reauthorization of Ex-Im Bank

Commodities Price Spike to Pinch Manufacturers by Late Year?

Congress Approves JOBS Act As Dueling Small Business Tax Cuts Emerge

Corporate Bankruptcy Totals Take a Nose-Dive

Credit Bidding Case Hits Supreme Court on Monday

Credit Card Companies Aim to Shore Up Profit with Small Business

Credit Inclusion in Upper Management Meetings Inconsistent at Best

Credit Policy Review Comes Once a Year, According to NACM Survey

Credit Managers' Index for February Suggests Robust Future for the Economy

Credit's Role Expands at 2012 FCIB I.C.E. Conference

Crucial Negotiations This Week to Impact Large Potential Municipal Bankruptcy Filing

Defusing Upset Customers

Dodd-Frank Implementation Could Conflict with Basel III, Other International Regulations

Economist: The Chances of Recession and What That Means

Economy, Politics Among Credit Professionals’ Top 2012 Concerns

Electronic Signatures a Growing Topic of Importance, on Slate for Credit Congress

Elements of an effective credit policy

Energy Speculation Ahead of State of the Union Address

Ethics and Standards for Business Credit Professionals

EU Late Payment Directive Revamp Flawed

Euro Debt Support Likely to Continue as Nations Worry of Spillover

Ex-Im Moves on Colombia after FTA Enters into Force

Ex-Im Opens $100 Million Credit Facility for Small Business Exporters

Ex-Im Reauthorization Set to Pass

FCIB Hamburg Event: Middle East and its Similarities with U.S., EU a Hot Topic

FCIB's "Doing Business In" Webinars—Engaging. Educational. Convenient.

Fed Beige Book: Expansion Continues … in Moderation

Fed Beige Book: Economic Recovery Picking Up in Several Districts

Fed Beige Book Finds Malaise

Fed Holds Rate, Holds Off on New Stimulus Amid Weakened Recovery

Fed Stays the Course Despite Slowing Growth Rate

Federal Contracting to Small Business Increasing...Or is It?

Few Good Options Available to Handle Spain Banking Crisis

Fifth Circuit Reverses Panel Opinion on Asset Concealing

Fitch Knocks China for Differences Between State, Private PMI

Fitch Upholds U.S. Credit Ratings

Five Keys to Outsourcing Receivables

Five Things to Know About a New Customer Before Agreeing to Terms

Five Ways to Reduce Internal Fraud with Collections Employees

Get Your Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws—2012 Edition—Now!

Global 2012 Economic Outlook Hinges On Europe

Good News from Bellwether Manufacturing Reports

GOP Lays into Obama After Canada-Colombia FTA Beats U.S. Version to the Punch

Greece Imposes Property Tax in Desperate Bid to Avoid Default

Greece Looks to Get a March Reprieve

Greece's Cold War History Illuminates Current Crisis

Greek Elections Causing Biggest Showdown with EU-Backers Yet

Greeks Still Resisting as France, Germany Turn Up Austerity Heat

Harrisburg City Council Loses Bankruptcy Appeal

Hilgers Joins Westhuis as Second Euro-based FCIB Growth Award Winner

House Approves Ex-Im Reauthorization, Senate Votes Today

House Committee Votes to Repeal Dodd-Frank Liquidation Authority

How Important Is the European Downgrade?

IIF Report Questions Social Breaking Point in European Cuts

IMF Report Finds Chinese Currency Undervalued, Not as Much as Thought by U.S., Brazil

India Emerging as Best Trade Bet among BRICs for 2012?

India Export Ban Overturned After Chinese Protest

"Insourcing" Replacing "Outsourcing" as Companies Bring Jobs Back Home

International Manufacturing Roundup: China, Canada, Brazil, EU

International Risk Roundup: Spring 2012

International Roundup

Invest in the Future of Business Credit

Ireland Credit Rating Deemed 'Junk' by Moody's

Issues in Big Chapter 9 Cases Showing a Red Flag to Would-Be Municipal Bankruptcy Filers?

Japan Hit by Credit Downgrade

Japan Not Boosted Much by Weaker Yen

Japan Takes Unexpected Ratings Knock from Fitch over ‘Leisurely’ Behavior

Japanese Manufacturer Moves to Protect Itself from U.S. Creditors

Job Growth Remains Solid, But Labor Costs Raise Inflation Threats

Jundt Offers Unclaimed Property Insights As Enforcement Ramps Up

Latest Data from Credit Managers’ Index Continues Positive Trend

Law & Order: Bankruptcy a Hot Topic from Courts Local to Supreme

Lawmakers Seek to Enhance Small Business Access to Contracts

Manufacturing Outlook Blurred by Europe, But Far from Negative

Manufacturing Surges on the Rebirth of U.S. Auto

March Manufacturing Numbers in Key Regions a Welcome Surprise; Latin Trade Deserves an Assist?

Monetary Policy Update from Federal Reserve

Massachusetts Data Security Regulations on Vendor Contracts Now In Effect

More Ratings Woes in the EU

Municipal Bankruptcy Proponents Win Victory in State Supreme Court

Municipal Bankruptcy Roundup: Stockton, Jefferson County

More Troubles for Creditors Tied to Alternative Energy Firms

NACM 2012 Issue Brief Now Available

NACM-SE Legislative Update - Georgia General Assembly HB64 Seeks to Amend Contractual Attorney Fees Provision

NACM Submits Comment to CFPB on Debt Collection, Credit Reporting Proposal

NACM Survey: Accounting Ratios Valuable, but Financial Information Scarce

New Credit Managers’ Index Confirms Third Spring Slump in As Many Years

New Greek Deal Forged … or Was It?

New U.S. Trade Enforcement Agency Takes Shape

Newfound Chinese Manufacturing Declines No Reason for Panic

Obama Burnishes Business Credentials in SOTU

Obama Executive Order Aims to Help Harmonize U.S., International Regulations

Oil Prices Driving Near Record Trade Deficit

Paying Attention to Banking News Critical for Credit Managers

Pennsylvania Capital in Limbo on Second Failed Debt Plan Vote

President Obama Looking to Gut Commerce Department, Streamline

President's Budget Good, Bad or Ugly for Small Businesses, Depending on Who You Ask

Pressure Builds for 3% Withholding Repeal

Providence, Stockton Appear on Brink of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Quality Tops NACM Survey of Important Factors for Collections, Legal Services Firms

Reasons to Be Wary of Using Social Media When Discussing Customers

Reasons for Hope in Global Trade Despite Growing Costs

Reasons to Use NACM’s National Trade Credit Report

Reasons Why Collateral Matters to Creditors

Romney Bankruptcy Sound Bite Working against Him in Key Home-State Primary

Romney Fights Off Auto-Bankruptcy Issue, Likely to Face it Again in Critical Ohio

Romney Overcomes Auto-Bankruptcy Op-Ed In Ohio, But Just Barely

Romney Strikes Back with Own Bankruptcy Finger-Wagging

Romney Trying to Flip Script on Auto Bankruptcy Storyline

Russian Politics Leading to Shaky Ground? Fitch Says Yes

Russian Unrest Growing As Election Nears

S and P Downgrades France, Italy, Among Several Others

SBA Increases Size Standards, Expands Eligibility as Senate Seeks to Fight Fraud

SBA Scrutinized Over Rising Loan Subsidies

Second Largest U.S. Bankruptcy Reorganization Wins Approval

Seems Like The World vs China in WTO Dispute

Senate Approves Debt Ceiling Increase, Bill Heads for Signature

Senate Considers New Bankruptcy Bill Geared toward Small Businesses

Senate Eyes Repeal of Cold War-Era Amendment to Boost Trade with Russia


Senate Finance Chair Seeks Common Ground with Russia on Trade

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Small Business Reorganization Bill

Senate Rejects Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization

Shoulton Urges Caution on U.S. Recovery at FCIB NY International Profit Summit

Slovakia Election Illustrates What Happens to Austerity Parties

Small Businesses Feel Excluded from Obama Corporate Tax Proposal

Small Business Lending Sliding Again

Small Business Optimism Drops for First Time in Six Months

Small Business Outlook Remains Dim, According to Chamber

Small Business Optimism, Access to Credit Sputtering

Smaller Businesses, Credit Services Staying Farther Ahead of Fraud?

Solar Business Niche Suffers Yet Another Major Outage

South Korean FTA in Effect within Month

Spain Continues to Dominate List of Sovereign Concerns at FCIB Hamburg Event

Spain Hit with S&P Downgrade

Stats Say Indian Exports Rising; But Trade Ban Grabs Headlines

Stockton Chapter 9 Roller Coaster Continues

Stockton 'Hit the Wall,' Prepares Chapter 9 Filing

Strengthening the Credit and Sales Relationship

Study Due Out Next Week Finds Manufacturing Optimism Still Positive

Study: Outsourcing, Out; Tech Investments in Social Media and Cloud, In

Support for Venue Reform Grows Following Judiciary Hearing

Supreme Court Hears Credit Bidding Case, Puts Heat on Arguing Attorneys

Supreme Court Upholds Credit-Bidding Rights

SWIFT-ICC Collaborate on “Electronic Letter of Credit”

TARP Bank Program's Positive Return Hits $18 Billion

Template for Municipalities?: Judge Gives Nod to Chapter 9 with Retiree Haircuts

Ten Years in, China Still Dragging Its Feet on WTO Compliance

The Top 5 Federal Laws That Credit Professionals Need to Know

Third Circuit Receives Two Bankruptcy Cases Sure to Draw Spotlight

Three Industries to Watch for Potential Company Delinquency, Defaults, Filings

Three Not So Little 'PIIGS Nations' Slashed by Fitch Ratings Friday

Top 5 Reasons DSO is a Bad Way to Measure Credit Department Performance

Top 5 Things to Know About a Customer

Top Tools and Tricks for the Overburdened Credit Professional

Trade Association Fighting Appeals Court Indemnity Ruling against Subcontractors

Trade Roundup: Exporting Costs Up in U.S., Asia More Important to Germans, China Still with Big Surplus

Treasury Issues Final Regulations with Respect to 3% Withholding Repeal

Treasury Lays into China on Currency in Latest FX Report

Treasury Reports SBLF Success

Two Largest U.S. Bankruptcies in History Advancing Through Courts After Long Waits

U.S. Breaks Export Records in 2011

U.S.-Colombia FTA to Enter into Force on May 15

U.S. GDP Growth Slows in First Quarter, Consumer Spending Increases

U.S. Seeks Trade, Investment Role for Egypt in Transition

U.S. Wins WTO Dispute with China over Raw Material Export Restraints

Unemployment Hits Lowest Rate in Three Years

‘Wait and See’ Approach Persists for Third Month in July CMI

Walmart Bribery Case Puts Spotlight on FCPA

WaMu Bankruptcy: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

WAMU Chapter 11: It’s All Over But the Repayments

Want Odds of a Corporate Bankruptcy? There’s an App for That

What Every Credit Manager Wishes Sales Reps Knew - NACM-SE

What Really Happens If Debt Ceiling Deadline is Missed?

Why You Should Earn Your Certification?

Z-Score Creator: Euro Crisis Was Foreseeable…with Due Diligence on Homework