A/R Data Contribution

Play a pivotal role in optimizing financial management, providing real-time insights, and enhancing cash flow for businesses of all sizes.

The submission of trade experience is a reciprocal relationship between your organization and other business credit grantors.  By submitting your total trade experience, you are rewarding your valued customers who pay within terms, while letting your delinquent customers know that their delinquency will be reported as well.  This, in turn, will lead to fewer late paying customers and a better performing accounts receivable portfolio.


Powering Progress,
One File at a Time!

Participate in the nation's largest trade credit report.

Your participation encourages others to contribute their data as well, building a better overall report.  With each additional trade contributor, business credit grantors glean greater predictive value to incorporate into their risk evaluation metric.  The more data – the better the predictive value.

Members electronically submitting their trade experience get reduced pricing on the NACM National Trade Credit Report.  Trade Data is submitted electronically over our secure network.

Contributing your monthly accounts receivable trade data is a win-win to NACM, as it and saves your organization time and money while contributing to a more robust and trustworthy financial ecosystem.

Are you contributing your A/R Information?

Contributing accounts receivable data offers several benefits to businesses. It improves cash flow management, enhances creditworthiness, strengthens supplier relations and harnesses data driven insights. For more details, contact our credit reporting manager:

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