Industry Groups

NACM Industry Groups Separate Fact from Fiction!

NACM Southeast sponsors and strictly supervises credit groups in many industries. Credit groups, whose members sell to a common customer base, are a proven credit management tool and are the most economical & effective manner by which you can accurately track the payment habits of current or prospective business customers.


Strength in Numbers, Success in Insights!

Join the Industry Group Advantage

NACM Industry Credit Groups are invaluable for credit managers, finance professionals, and businesses seeking to enhance their credit risk management practices. By actively participating in these groups, members gain access to a network of industry experts and valuable information, which empowers them to make informed credit decisions, reduce risk, and optimize their credit and collections strategies. These groups serve as an essential resource for staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of credit and financial management.

Local Markets

Local markets are essentially regional or city-specific gatherings of credit professionals and businesses who focus on the same industry.

  • Electrical Distributors
  • Plumbing/HVAC Suppliers
  • Construction/Rental
  • Solids Surfaces Laminate Lumber

Regional Markets

These groups provide valuable insights and localized expertise to help businesses navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of their regional market.

  • Southeast Metals Distributors
  • Building Material Manufacturers
  • Southeast Agricultural/Chemical Distributors

National/International Markets

A broader and more diverse forum for credit professionals, bringing together members and industry experts from across the nation and sometimes even internationally

  • Wholesale Drug Distributors
  • Southeast United Mass Merchandise Manufacturers
  • Durable Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Ready to evaluate your Credit Game? Is your Business Group ready?

Joining an NACM Industry Credit Group is a smart investment in your business’s financial health, offering tailored industry expertise, collaborative learning, networking opportunities, and the tools you need to manage risk effectively in a dynamic business landscape.

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