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All employees of member-companies’ can enhance professionalism and increase effectiveness through the courses, workshops and seminars available through NACM. Additionally, these educational opportunities, which include local, regional and national conferences, can be credited to the qualifications necessary for NACM’s professional designations: CBA (Credit Business Associate); CBF (Credit Business Fellow); and the highest professional designation from NACM, the CCE (Certified Credit Executive).

Continued education in credit management is your key to staying ahead in the dynamic world of finance. By continuously expanding your knowledge and skills, you can make well-informed credit decisions and navigate evolving financial landscapes with confidence.

CAP/ACAP Information

Local markets are essentially regional or city-specific gatherings of credit professionals and businesses who focus on the same industry.

Credit & Commercial Laws

An 800 page digest of laws affecting credit and finance, revised yearly since 1908 to include new state and federal laws, regulations and revisions in business law.

Scholarship Fund

 All member-company employees are eligible to apply for scholarship which are offered for NACM-SE Credit Administration Program classes. Other scholarships to local, regional and national educational events are in development.

Credit Executives Handbook

Standard reference for commercial credit management written by more than 100 practicing credit executives, management consultants and college faculty members. It covers many areas of practical, technical and legal concern affecting credit managers every day. The handbook is also used as the primary text for fundamental and sophisticated credit courses.


NACM offers a wide range of professional publications which cover every conceivable topic involving commercial credit and financial management.

Intellectual Properties of the World

A seven volume reference of laws authored by distinguished resident attorneys of 67 countries. Includes presentations on forms of contract relating to international trade and patent & trademark laws throughout the world. It is carefully translated and edited for readability, practicality and legal accuracy.

Business Credit

The official magazine of the National Association of Credit Management. It features articles of interest to all credit executives, including new developments in legislation, credit and collection trends & conditions, products and services specifically for the credit departments, and news of NACM activities.

New Publications

New publications are released each year dealing with specific areas of responsibility and interest in the credit management field.

Credit Trends

NACM’s monthly newsletter containing information of local, regional and national interest, meeting dates and programs.

Standard Forms

Standard Forms Includes approved credit applications, financial statements, trade acceptance and other forms commonly used in commercial credit transactions.

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